Bid Management

Bid Management

Dynamic Netsoft Bid Management Software lets you process, manage, and document customer RFQs / RFPs, and develop accurate bids for both material and/or service contracts. It gives you the tool to analyse the cost sheet from different perspectives. You can access pre-existing templates or define new ones to prepare a winning bid easily. Estimating cost sheets and bid templates allow for customer specific items to be modified. Use the workflow automation to enlist multiple approvals for the effort & cost sheet before finalizing the bid. Use the iterations and price simulation functionalities to analyse the cost effect and the net worth of the bid based on discounts, mark up %, profitability value, charges etc., which will ultimately win the contract.

Efficient Bid Management for dynamics 365 & AX through embedded customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities including visibility of historical bids. Generated documents and reports from the module such as Tender evaluation, Action Plan and bid analysis reports provide the user with analytical information. Links to project tasks, for pre contract award tracking, and associations built between materials and services for simultaneous delivery, are converted to the project to ensure accuracy and consistency.

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    Bid Creation

    • Opportunity creation in CRM and Bid creation.
    • Tracking of Bid submission date, closing date etc. with alerts Creation of action plan with various action items to process the Bid.
    • Tender evaluation including the scope of work along with bid bond details Risk Analysis
    Bid Costing

    • Manual entry of BOQ with multiple hierarchy levels.
    • Import utility of BOQ from excel with multiple hierarchy levels Definition of BOM for each BOQ.
    • Detailed costing for each BOQ which includes labour cost, equipment cost, and item cost etc.
    • Costing, Mark up, and Pricing by Project level/BOQ level/Item level Allocation of Indirect cost during the costing of the project.
    • Workflow approvals for the cost sheets and bids before the bid submission.
    Price Simulation

    • Mark up & price simulator which helps planner to simulate multiple scenarios of applying mark-up % for BOQ items etc. till the satisfied level of Price and Margin is achieved.
    • Maintenance of Revision history for the cost sheets and bids.
    Integration with procurement to arrive at Bid price

    • Integration with procurement module for processing RFQ to get the quotation from supplier/contractor in order to arrive at the bid price for the items.
    Bid Finalization & Project contracts

    • Conversion of won bids to projects in Dynamics AX project module.
    • Update the opportunity with bid details and track Win-Loss Ratio on a periodical basis.
    • Transfer of Bid details including BOQ hierarchy to Project WBS, Project Forecasts and Item requirements.