Contract Management

Contract Management

Completing projects on schedule and within budget demands complete project control. Managing large amounts of information on construction and engineering projects is complex enough. And unless you have a project-wide collaboration and tracking system, you run the risk of wasting time, missing deadlines, and blowing budgets.

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    Dynamic Netsoft Contract Management goes beyond the traditional Project Management & Accounting and provides a comprehensive project management including multilevel work breakdown structures, robust resource scheduling, and effective ERP for contract management.

    Contract Order

    • Tracking of contractor used in the project.
    • Issuing Letter of Award to the Contractors
    • Different payment terms/milestones along with deliverables/submittals.
    • Creation of Contract order activities which help to track the contractor’s work accurately.
    • Creation of work order/Contact order with different types such as labour, material or both.
    Budget Control

    • Budget allocation and revision for the contracted work.
    • Integration with Project management and accounting module to ensure the budget is managed effectively.
    Deliverable Tracking

    • Creation of deliverables and tracking those submitted by contractors.
    • Creation of customer submittal and tracking of the same.
    Inspection Tracking

    • Recording and tracking of Inspection details by Project manager, Quality
    • inspectors, Third party consultants etc. for the work done by the contractors.
    • Requesting customer for inspect and associated feedback management.
    Tracking of completed work

    • Recording of work completed by the contractor on a daily or periodical basis.
    • Update of percentage of work completed or quantity of material delivered by the contractor.
    • Invoice and payments based on Contractor work completion.
    Dispute Tracking

    • RecDisputes with respect to contractor work, quality & performance, payments etc. are tracked.
    • Any internal dispute during the project development phase can be tracked.
    • Case management & case process can be used to record and track the dispute in detail.
    Contractor Invoicing

    • Invoice submission, validation with payment terms & deliverables and milestones achieved.
    • Validation with Inspection process.
    • Amount can be retained and released based on the retention terms.