ERP For Construction

Construction & Contract

The past decades has seen an unprecedented growth of activities in the Construction companies, urbanization across the world has forced a huge demand on the need for construction. On its given scale Construction can be a very demanding and complex task for engineers and construction specialists. Automation and digitization have played a significant role in minimizing some of the pain-points around this challenge. While there are various piece-meal solutions in the marketplace, few have matched a 360-degree fit.

The Construction and Bid management solutions from Dynamic Netsoft not only addresses this but provides a comprehensive solution that when integrated with the core Project Management module. Users can now manage the bidding and execution processes for large and complex projects with ease and accuracy. Our solution at its core facilitates the complete project life cycle summarized by five critical components – Bidding & Estimation, Project Forecasting & Planning, Project execution and Subcontracting, Project resource Management and Project Cost Control.

Dynamic Netsoft Construction and Bid Management suite guarantees to meet the complex operational tasks of the construction companies, help streamline the processes for optimal productivity and effective project management. Dynamic Netsoft ERP Construction Suite for Dynamics 365 & AX along with 365 & AX Project Module is a one-stop solution that will improve operational efficiency, reduce IT costs and increase your customer satisfaction level as well as your bottom line. It will also let you effectively manage all critical project components, and provides a holistic and project-centric approach to efficiently managing all parts of your projects life cycle, sales, operational as well as administrative functions.

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