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Contract / lease Management

Lease Management with multiple options Single unit / merged units.

Maintain leases with unfurnished to fully furnished units.

Maintain leases in Gregorian and Hijri Calendars.

Manage the Payment frequency with multiple options Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly & Monthly.

Calculation of Contract value with a comprehensive rate matrix with multiple rental break ups.

Manage the furnishings provided along with the leases.

Capability to generate Lease Contracts and archive pdf version of signed contracts.

Contract / lease Management
Rent Appraisals / Lease Renewals

Maintain periodic history of rent appraisals for the units.

Maintain multiple increments / rent revisions for leases.

Track the history of rent revisions against the generated revenues.

Renew leases with options to renew the payment terms, extension of duration and increment / decrement in the lease values.

Revenue recognition
Marketing & Reservation

Perform opportunity management, reservation analysis, and measure rental revenues against targets.

Generate multiple Rental quotations for single / multiple units, link with opportunities and leads.

Use AX Sales & Marketing for Lead & opportunity management and analysis.

Maintain Payments for Reservations and knock-off the payments against the Lease contracts.

Marketing & Reservation
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